My new MacBook Pro III

12) Next up: Things Folders. Although it feels not really completely reliable, I came to appreciate Things Folders very much. As I manage all my tasks with Things, it is quite handy to have all data structured in the same way and connected to the projects and todos. It is available at Running it for the first time to create the folders takes some time - depending on your number of projects - but then it is rather quick. I then made my new MacBook accessible on the network to move the contents from my old Things Folders to the new ones.

13) Of course, I also want cloud sync for my calendar and my solution is Google Calendar. Not the prettiest solution but it works most of the time. In Calendar, I just could add my Google account and my main calendar was there. Under "delegates" I then could choose my additional calendars to show. Done!

14) As I use a lot of Subversion repositories, I also need a good way to handle them in Finder. SCPlugin is a good way to do it and it is open source at Tigris. It comes as an installation package. For it to work directly from Finder, I need to drag the SCToolbarButton from the applications folder to the Finder toolbar. No problem!

15) In the mean time, the copy of my music and iOS apps has finished. I start up iTunes and everything of my music is here. That looks good. Let's see if syncing my iPad works.
No, the apps are not here. But the sync works anyway. Hence, I downloaded a free app from the app store and magically the apps part of my library was visible with all my apps.

16) And after a while and after restarting address book, it magically synced all my contacts from Google.

17) To control my finances, I use iFinance, which can be downloaded here. I install it, run it once and then copy from the old MacBook my data base from Library/Application Support/iFinance3. Works!

18) And finally for today, I get Papers running. I use it to organise all the research papers I read and I'm working with. Almost at the bottom of this page, I found a download link for Papers 1. I'm still not convinced by Papers2. Using the license key was a bit more complicated. I had to go to a web page and let me send an activation code by e-mail. But in the end it worked.