My new MacBook Pro IV

19) And on we go. I installed AppCleaner from here. It is free to use and helps you wipe all these additional data the apps leave on your Mac.

20) Adding printers was just selecting our university group's printers in settings -> print & fax.

21) Skype, of course. Just went to and after logging in with my Skype account I could just download the recent version of the application.

22) Then I use f.lux from here to automatically dim my monitors. This helps to take some stress from the eyes.

23) Handbrake is really handy for converting any video, especially for ripping my DVDs.

24) Syncing with the Apple time server went wrong somehow. I set the correct time manually and then started syncing again. It seems to work so far...

25) SPSS is my statistical package of choice for the easier stuff. I got a download and a licence from my University.

26) Similiarly, I used a university licence for Microsoft Office for Mac 2011.