Setting up my new MacBook Pro II

5) Okay, a small complication because I use German as the main language. I needed first to start iPhoto once so that it created "Bibliothek iPhoto" and not "iPhoto Library". Anyway, I closed iPhoto removed the empty library and renamed the old library to "Bibliothek iPhoto". When I reopen iPhoto it looks like the pictures have always just been there.

6) Okay, having Dropbox, I can install 1Password, get my keychain from there and with it all my license keys for all my software. I download 1Password from the Agile Solution website. Then I move it in my applications folder and open it. It directly detects the keychain in the Dropbox and asks to sync with it. Of course we do that. Then I enter the license key from my 1Password keychain. Nice!

7) By the way, in the background I started copying my music. This probably takes much longer than the pictures... This gives us time to install more needed software.

8) The most important one for me as a firm believer in GTD is Things. If you have bought it from the App Store, that would be easier. I need to download it from the Cultured Code website and move it into my applications folder. The license is easily copied from 1Password. To copy the todo database, I need to copy database.xml in Library/Application Support/Cultured Code/Things from my old MacBook to the new one.

9) I also firmly believe in LaTeX as the superior way to write papers and books. Therefore, I get myself an installation of TeXShop here. As I install everything freshly, I need the complete TeX Live distribution. That is 1.5 GB and takes some time.

10) Meanwhile, I also told Alfred to start at startup. I like Alfred but I'm sure other quick starters might replace it well.

11) What so far does not really work is syncing my address book with Google. I add that in the settings but nothing happens... Maybe I need to google that.